82-year-old woman harvests bull elk

82-year-old woman with her bull elk
Photo credit: Shutterstock

The love of hunting is an ageless passion – and 82-year-old Margaret Elaine Lunt can attest to that. A lifelong outdoorswoman, Lunt spent plenty of time tagging along with her father, brothers, and husband on countless hunts, but didn’t hunt on her own until she was 55 years old. 

"One time we were out hunting with my brother and his brother-in-law and my son, and David, my brother's brother-in-law said, 'Elaine, you like this so much. Why don't you get a gun and hunt?' So I did," says Lunt.

Lunt has killed several mule deer and five cow elk on a variety of hunts throughout the years and considers herself a “meat hunter,” who enjoys filling the freezer with quality free-range meat. In 2015, Lunt drew a tag for the fall bull elk hunt on the Deseret Land and Livestock unit near Morgan, UT. She brought her son along with her since her 86-year-old husband decided the rough terrain and time necessary to hunt would be too much for him.

After two solid days, Lunt landed a 6x6 eight-year-old bull elk with the help of her guide and son. The bull scored 336 after they hiked about seven miles to find it.

"I was quite pleased that I can do that at my age," says Lunt. "It was unbelievable to see him there and think, 'Oh, I did it. I got him.' And I really don't enjoy killing the animals. We hunt for the meat. We'll have meat for a couple of years."

Congratulations, Margaret, on your incredible – and successful – hunt!


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