BC conservation organizations unite to support wildlife

Moose eating shrubery
Photo credits: Shutterstock

With wildlife declining across British Columbia, the province has taken action by announcing the re-investment of hunting license revenue into wildlife management projects. These funds will hopefully halt the steady decrease of moose, mule deer, elk, wild sheep and caribou and help bolster wildlife populations. To ensure that the money is funneled into appropriate projects, five of the province’s primary conservation organizations have joined together under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Last week, the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF), Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia, Wild Sheep Society of BC, Wildlife Stewardship Council (WSC) and the BC Trappers Association announced the MOU at the BCWF’s annual general meeting.

“This MOU is another mechanism to ensure the province invests in our wildlife,” John Henderson, president of the WSC , said in a press release. His opinion was supported by other prominent members of these organizations, who acknowledged the necessity of working together with provincial government, First Nations, BC residents and each other to protect and stabilize important BC wildlife.

“The collaborative efforts of our five organizations will help to ensure the province follows through on its commitment to enhance wildlife management,” added BCWF President Jim Glaicar.

This announcement follows recent action by U.S. sportsmen and women to protect national monuments and public lands for future generations to hunt and fish.




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