Big game harvest reporting extended in Oregon

Oregon big game harvest reporting

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April 15 may be the annual tax deadline, but for Oregon hunters, it’s also the deadline to report big game and turkey tag harvest information. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) has extended its mandatory reporting for those unfamiliar with its new licensing system. The deadline applies to all 2018 deer, elk, mountain lion, bear, antelope and turkey tags, according to the agency.

ODFW uses this information to compile hunter harvest statistics.

“We are extending the deadline to provide better customer service to our hunters as they get familiar with our new licensing system,” said Doug Cottam, ODFW Wildlife Division Administrator, in a press release. “We really appreciate hunters taking time to report, even if they did not hunt or weren’t successful.”

If you do not report your tag, you will be required to pay $25 when you purchase your 2020 annual hunting license. To report online, visit ODFW’s Licensing page after using the “Verify/Look Up Account” button to login to the new licensing system. Hunters can also report by phone by calling 503-947-6101; however, expect high call volumes. If you’ve incorrectly created a new account online, instead of verifying or looking up your previous account, please contact to fix the issue.

Hunters who report on-time will be entered into a raffle for a special big game tag. ODFW selects three names each year and the winners can choose a deer, elk, or antelope tag. Hunters who win get an expanded hunt area and extended season, similar to auction and raffle tags.

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