CPW relocates bighorn sheep

CPW relocates bighorn sheep

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Bighorn sheep will return to Beaver Creek Canyon in Colorado following a relocation effort by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). Disease previously wiped out the other herd, prompting CPW to take action and relocate another herd to the canyon just south of Victor, KRDO News reports.

The relocation process has taken about a month as officers used apple mash to lure bighorn sheep into a netted area near an old quarry. Once beneath, the netting will be dropped, capturing the bighorn sheep, which will then be trucked and airlifted to their new home in Beaver Creek Canyon, according to FOX 31 Denver.

While CPW said that the bighorn sheep were initially scared of the netting, the apple mash helped them “get over their fear pretty quickly.”

Click here for a brief video of the effort.

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