Double INSIDER Gear Shop Points For A Limited Time

INSIDER Gear Shop Earn Double Points

As an INSIDER, you earn money back on our selection of expert-picked gear with INSIDER points and for a limited time, we’re doubling those rewards! Now, you get the best price possible on gear and you get over 20% on average in money back when you make a purchase in the goHUNT Gear Shop! And... we made things super easy on you. There's actually nothing you have to do on your end, the double points are already applied on all items and you'll see the double points value right underneath the item price when you're shopping.

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How do INSIDER points work

Items in the Gear Shop will have the ability for goHUNT INSIDER members to earn INSIDER points (1 point = $1) that you can then redeem on anything in the store. Those points can be applied to future purchases at the payment portion of checkout. Points that are currently in your account will show in the header next to your name. Only INSIDERs can earn and redeem points.

Below is an example on the current double points. Let's say you bought a Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpack. You would normally earn 56 points - but during this double INSIDER point period, you earned 112 points on that purchase. That means that you could purchase an Outdoor Vision Ridgetop Bino Harness for FREE when you redeem those points.

Gear Shop INSIDER points explained


If you're not an INSIDER, don't miss out on more gear savings, plus the most complete set of western hunting research tools. Learn more and sign up for INSIDER at the link below:

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