Find The Perfect Gift For Dad This Year

Dad's are amazing, so to celebrate them we have picked out an amazing selection of gear to help gear them upright for Father's Day! Plus... be sure to read the bottom of this article for a giveaway we have going on.

See our Father's Day Gift Guide here




We have an amazing Father's Day Giveaway going on with 6 days of winners and 1 grand prize! You can start earning entries on June 10th. Winners will be announced every day from June 14 to June 19. On each of those days, you will have a chance to win some great prizes for you or your dad!

Prizes and Announcement Dates

June 14 - 3 winners each get a $300 goHUNT eGift Card

June 15 - 3 winners each get a Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpack

June 16 - 3 winners each get a Zoleo Satellite Communicator

June 17 - 3 winners each their choice of any pair of Hanwag boots

June 18 - 3 winners each get a Vortex Ranger 1800 Laser Rangefinder

June 19 - 1 winner receives a $3,000 goHUNT eGift Card


(all winners will be emailed directly)

June 14 - 3 x $300 goHUNT eGift Cards

Mike N.
Edmond D.
Alex K.

June 15 - 3 x Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpacks

Andrew V.
Seth H.
Barry T.

June 16 - 3 x Zoleo Satellite Communicators

Shane R.
Nic E.
Garrett A.

June 17 - 3 x Any Pair Of Hanwag Boots

Weston C.
Bruce Y.
Aidan F.

June 18 - 3 x Vortex Ranger 1800 Laser Rangefinders

Martin F.
Steve S.
Dustin R.

June 19 - 1 x $3,000 goHUNT Gift Card

Dalton P.


  • Can start earning entries Thursday, June 10
  • Every $100 you spend in the goHUNT Gear Shop earns you one entry. The more you shop, the more entries you will get.
  • 3 winners each day with the last day being 1 winner.
  • The deadline for each day's giveaway is the day before at 11:59 PM PST.
  • Any purchases made starting June 10 will enter you in each day's giveaway including the grand prize of a $3,000 goHUNT Gift Card.
  • Giveaway winners start getting announced on June 14 through June 19

You can gain a no-purchase entry, see our mail-in information here.


Have questions? Please feel free to email anytime.


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