GoPro's mount for hunters

GoPro Sportsman Mount
Photo Credit: GoPro

We have all seen the creative shots that GoPro cameras can produce for hunting film crews and general hunting video enthusiasts. For years these cameras have been essential for capturing additional footage on hunts, and now we have more options at our fingertips. GoPro has now released a new mount specifically with hunters in mind.

The GoPro Sportsman mount is designed for shotguns, rifles and even revolvers. This product can also be attached to most compound bows and some recurves. This mount fits objects 0.4” to 0.9” in diameter. They even took the mount a step further and included a Backdoor mount in the package to reduce camera shake caused by recoil from firing a gun. The mount comes in a non-reflective matte black finish to prevent startling wildlife.

Package includes:

  • Sportsman mount
  • Standard plus Skeleton Backdoor mounts
  • Center and side brackets
  • Assorted mounting hardware

Even though organizations like Pope and Young have said they would accept trophies submitted to their records program that were harvested with a bow that utilizes a mounted camera, some states do restrict use of electronic accessories. Be sure to check state laws before using a camera attached to your firearm or bow during the hunting season.


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