Idaho announces new rules for moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goats

Moose in forest
Photo credits: Shutterstock

Hunters, take note: Idaho has new rules for the 2017-18 moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat seasons. The rules, which will be available in a new booklet this March, were approved Jan.26 by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission. The new rules cover the number of available tags, expansion or restriction of various hunt areas, the addition of new units, and a change in the number of antlerless hunts.

While the number of tags has changed compared to the 2016-17 seasons, the only decrease is in the number of moose tags. There is still plenty of opportunity for hunters interested in Idaho.  

The number of tags per species available each year for the 2017-18 seasons is:

Moose: 805 tags.
This is a decrease from the 2015-16 seasons by 45 antlered tags and 23 antlerless tags.

Bighorn sheep:  99 tags.
This is an increase from the 2015-16 seasons by six Rocky Mountain bighorn ram tags and two California bighorn ram tags.

Mountain goat: 50 tags.
This is the same number that was offered for the 2015-16 seasons.

For a complete list of updates per species, please visit Idaho Fish and Game’s website.




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