Idaho’s deer and elk season may be best one yet


Idaho Deer and Elk
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Attention hunters. Idaho has an announcement to make and it may be just the one you have been waiting for. This year’s mule deer and elk season should be the best one in years. 

Mule deer and elk populations are thriving and current herd numbers are at a record level. Due to four consecutive mild winters, the state has seen an increase in fawn survival rates as well as high adult survival. Additionally, an abundance of spring and summer rain coupled with mild temperatures means that forage has been plentiful for deer and elk across the state. 

“The animals we're seeing are coming into winter and fall in excellent condition," Regional Wildlife Manager Daryl Meints told

But does that mean you will have to trek across the state in search of hunting opportunities? Nope! Experts with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game say that current drought conditions mean that the thriving mule deer and elk herds may not be as widely dispersed as previous years and suggest hunters keep tabs on water in higher elevations.
The Idaho mule deer and elk season runs August through February 2016. Good luck!


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