Idaho’s new licensing system is more hunter friendly

Photo credit: Dreamstime

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) recently launched a new licensing system that Idaho hunters and anglers should appreciate. Most of the changes apply to the online system; however, even if you purchase your licenses, tags and permits in-person, you’ll experience more buying options.

According to IDFG, if you purchase licenses online at, you’ll no longer be required to use a password to login to your account. There’s also a new auto-renew feature and a new option to securely store a payment method. There’s an updated tag menu that shows what’s available that’s “guaranteed available for a limited amount of time” so you don’t have to worry about tags selling out before you go through with the actual purchase.


Online licenses can also be stored digitally and filling out the mandatory hunter reports is easier with a quick login feature. There’s also a new “Go Outdoors Idaho” app that makes it easier to purchase licenses and tags, apply for controlled hunts, file mandatory hunter reports and more.

Interested in learning a bit more? IDFG put together this video exactly for that purpose. You can watch it HERE.


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