Idaho seeks comments for moose management plan

Idaho seeks comments for moose management plan

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If you want to weigh in on Idaho’s moose management plan, now’s your chance. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) is collecting public comments until Jan. 12. The proposed six-year plan will be in place 2020 through 2025. It will provide guidance in “protecting and managing moose populations in Idaho” along with “developing season setting regulations,” according to the agency.

With moose populations dwindling across certain areas of the state, IDFG has concentrated the new plan on figuring out why that is happening. According to the agency, the proposed plan includes the following:

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  • Increasing knowledge of moose survival, recruitment, habitat use, genetics and the impacts of disease, habitat changes, predation and recreational activities.
  • Improving the quality of moose population monitoring data to better evaluate population trends. Create guidelines for moose translocations in Idaho.
  • Collaborating with private landowners and land management agencies to incorporate measures in land use and resource management plans that benefit moose.
  • Providing harvest opportunity while maintaining stable to increasing moose populations statewide.

The draft plan and comment form are available HERE. The plan will be presented to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission during its March 19-20, 2020 meeting. 


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