Nevada asks for help in locating mule deer poachers

Mule deer in field

Eight mule deer have been shot and left to rot near Mount Charleston in Nevada and Nevada Department of Wildlife (NVDW) officers do not have any leads. Nearly all of the deer were found intact with little meat removed nor antlers taken, stumping NVDW as to the motive behind the crimes. reports that all of the incidents occurred along Wheeler Pass Road northeast of Pahrump in September. Several “kill sites” were found along that road, leading investigators to believe that the crimes are all related.

“I literally do not have the words to fully explain my disgust at this crime. It takes a special kind of person to illegally kill eight mule deer and then to leave them to rot,” says Chief Game Warden Tyler Turnipseed. “I know I am not alone in my anger and that's why we are asking the public for its help in solving this case.”

There is a $3,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of whoever is behind this heinous crime. Any tips can be phoned in at 800-992-3030.




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