New petition to give 25% of Nevada tags to max point holders

Nevada petition to give 25 percent of tags to max point holders

Earlier this week an email was forwarded to me, then recently I saw this petition was now up on Nevada Department of Wildlife's website. You can read the petition here. On Monday, March 9 I reached out to Nevada Department of Wildlife to hear their thoughts, but I haven't received a comment back yet.

This new petition is pushing for the following changes:

  • Give 25% of the overall tags to the maximum point holders
  • Reduce the number of choice to only 3 (currently an applicant has 5 choices in Nevada)
  • Allow only up to 50% of the tags in any unit to be issued to max point holders

Email screenshot about the Nevada draw system

Screenshot from the original email from the petitioner.

According to the proposal, the 25% change would benefit the applicants who have been applying and supporting Nevada the longest. In their example, for the 2018 season, all of the 26, 25, 24 and part of the 23 point holders would have drawn a desert bighorn sheep tag. They also claim that the second proposal would have removed 31% of the choices for the California bighorn sheep draw in 2018, which could have spread the application pressure making the odds better for every applicant. And finally, the third proposal would assure that there are still tags available for the lower point holders as well.

What are your thoughts?

This petition would change things a lot in Nevada.

If you'd like to submit a comment to the Nevada Wildlife Commissioners, their contact information can be found in the table below.

Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners

NameLocationContact Info
Brad JohnstonYerington775-316-1157
Tiffany EastReno775-250-8092
Tommy CavigliaHenderson702-289-3375
Jon AlmbergEly775-296-0706
Thomas BarnesElko775-744-4548
Kerstan HubbsHenderson702-501-3442
Casey D. KielLovelock775-560-5161
David McNinchReno775-747-7545
Paul E. ValentineHenderson702-592-1255


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