News roundup: July 28-August 1

In case you missed the news last week, here are some of the breaking news items from July 28th-August 1st.

USSA Task Force
Are hunters being cyber-bullied

Task force created to combat cyber threats against hunters. The Hunter Advancement Task Force plans to not only stop the cyber-bullying of hunters, but to educate the public on conservation and the benefits of hunting. Read the full story here.

Energy development displaces elk, mule deer

Studies show as energy development expands, habitat for big game faces disturbance, conversion and fragmentation. This places a significant amount of stress on wildlife and raises serious questions about effective mitigation practices. Read the full story here.

Urban deer hunting

Last year, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources approved a two-year pilot program for Highland, Utah that allowed a select group of expert archers to go out and hunt deer within the city limits. Highland implemented the program as part of the city’s efforts to control disruptive and destructive deer population. Read the full story here.

No packgoat allowed in Denali

Wildlife officials are planning to place a temporary ban on goats in Denali National Park to prevent the possible spread of disease to bighorn sheep. The plan comes after someone was cited for hiking in an area of Denali where all pets are restricted. Since the park service does not specifically define pets by individual species, goats are technically treated the same as a dog under the rule. And while walking pet goats in the park may not be a particularly common activity, using goats as pack animals is. Read the full story here.


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