News roundup: Nov. 24-28

Here are the highlights from this week in hunting news.

Montana: "our bighorns stay here"

Montana bighorn sheep
Photo credit: Getty Images

For the second time in a month, the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission voted against transferring bighorn sheep from the Missouri River Breaks to South Dakota, opting to keep the sheep in state and move them to the Highlands area near Butte and the Beartooth Game Range north of Helena. Read the full story here.

Migration routes mapped in Wyoming

Mule deer buck in snow
Photo credit: Getty Images

For the first time in history, wildlife researchers have mapped migration routes for five of Wyoming’s big-game species. The findings shed valuable light on animal behavior and validate the importance of designated wilderness areas. Read the full story here.

Teton elk-herding hunters cited

Winter range bull elk
Photo credit: Getty Images

National Park Service officials have issued a number of citations and warnings to hunters for using unethical and illegal tactics to kill nearly 10 elk in Grand Teton National Park. Read the full story here.

Gray wolf confirmed in Arizona

Gray wolf in Arizona
Photo credit: Getty Images

A DNA test has confirmed that the animal seen roaming Arizona, just north of the Grand Canyon, is in fact a gray wolf that originated from the northern Rockies. Read the full story here.


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