News roundup: Oct. 27-31

Here are the highlights from this week in hunting news.

Arizona focuses efforts on restoring habitat

Arizona Mule Deer
   Photo credit: Dan

Arizona mule deer and scaled quail are about to get some help from the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD). The agency will spend more than a million dollars to improve their habitats in several parts of the state. Read more here.

Hunting provides big boost for Montana's economy

Montana Mile Deer Buck
    Photo credit: Getty Images

Hunting is huge for Montana. Over the next five weeks of the general big game season, an estimated 200,000 rifle hunters will take to the field, and will help bolster the local economy in a major way. This time of year draws people to many different places in Montana, and the influx of out-of-town cash makes a big difference in small communities. Read more here.

Two elk stolen from hunter's camp

Large Bull Elk
    Photo credit: Getty Images

Two hunters were shocked when they discovered that the two elk they had shot were stolen from their hunting camp in eastern Utah on October 10. Read more here.


Brady Miller

Brady Miller

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