News roundup: Sept. 1-5

It was a short work week, but not short on news. Here's what happened the first week of September in hunting news.

Utah starts 'trial' hunting program

Mule deer buck in velvet
Photo credit: woodleywonderworks

This month, Utah started a new Trial Hunting program that allows people who have never hunted before to experience the joys of hunting — even if they have not yet taken an in-person Hunter Education course. Read the full story here.

RMEF makes 2 key land grabs

Bull elk bugling
Photo credit: Getty Images

In just one week, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has permanently protected nearly 4,000 acres of land, thus securing access for elk hunters for years to come. Read the full story here.

New world record antelope - 96 4/8"

It’s the news of a lifetime for Mike Gallo. The Boone and Crockett Club just announced that the antelope buck he shot last year in New Mexico has been certified as a new world record. The massive buck, taken in Socorro County, New Mexico in 2013 by Gallo, scores 96-4/8 B&C points. Read the full story here.

Positive mule deer outlook in SE Montana

Mule deer buck fall
Photo credit: Getty Images

Deer populations in Montana have been in a significant state of decline for years. However, new survey data from Region 7 brings good news: deer populations seem to finally be rebounding. Read the full story here.


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