North Dakota deer hunters have amazing year

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North Dakota deer hunters had a banner year in 2015. All weapons (rifle, muzzleloader and bow) were successful at harvesting a record number of mule deer and whitetail deer across the state. Not only were the numbers great for seasoned hunters, but youth recruitment was also high – which is essential in continuing this American tradition. 

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department (NDGFD) tabulated hunter success during last year’s deer season in order to make informed decisions on how many permits to issue for this year. Reports show that 39,470 North Dakota deer hunters harvested approximately 26,700 deer during the 2015 season, according to The Jamestown Sun. This amounts to a 68% success rate, which is pretty exciting if you’re interested in hunting mule deer or whitetail deer in this state. Additionally, the report found a 70% success rate for hunters after antlered whitetails and a 64% success rate for those after antlerless whitetails, according to The Jamestown Sun.

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Mule deer hunters did even better! While NDGFD didn’t offer any mule deer doe licenses, those who drew buck tags had an 86% success at harvest. In addition, those who preferred to use muzzleloaders harvested 348 whitetails and bowhunters harvested an additional 6,777 whitetails and 750 mule deer in 2015, according to The Jamestown Sun. That’s a lot of deer and a lot of happy hunters with full freezers!

Like many states, North Dakota offers special youth licenses that accompany a special youth season. In 2015, young hunters purchased 4,004 licenses and harvested 1,832 deer. According to The Jamestown Sun, that means that youth hunters – which are essential for hunter recruitment – experienced a 52% success rate.

Congratulations, North Dakota hunters, on such a fantastic year!


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