Oregon offers online course to help hunters learn the basics


Learning hunting basics
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Do you need to brush up on hunting tactics? Are you looking for a new hunting primer? Then check out the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s new online course, “How to hunt for deer and elk in Oregon.” The course is aimed at bow or firearm hunters interested in reviewing their hunting knowhow and, possibly, discover a hidden tip or trick that could help elevate their game.

The course covers four main topics:

  • How to purchase a license and tag
  • How to prepare: gear, weapons, and location
  • Which techniques to use
  • What to do after the animal is shot

While seasoned hunters may scoff at the simplicity of the lessons outlined in the course, newer hunters may appreciate the easy-to-access information that can sometimes be intimidating to talk about, especially for newer adults getting out there for the first time.  In fact, this new class could act as a complement to the basic information offered during most hunter safety classes.

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“Historically, most hunters learned how to hunt from their parents and relatives when they were kids, but that's changing,” Chris Willard, the department's recruitment and retention coordinator, said in a news release. “Interest in hunting ... is increasing among adults who didn't grow up hunting.”

The course, which can easily be accessed via smartphone, was created with help from Oregon State University’s continuing education department and is narrated by Cody Herman (of the Comcast Sportsnet show Day One Outdoors) and includes appearances by outdoor writer and television host Scott Haugen, the Oregonian reports.


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