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If you've been following us for awhile, you will quickly see that we do our HUNT stories a little differently than print magazines. Most magazines have one scenery photo and two to three harvest photos — we want to showcase your hunt mainly through photographs and use text as a way to guide the reader. This gives readers more insight into your hunt and makes it feel like they are right there by your side as they read it.

We take pride in showcasing our readers with the most exciting hunting stories that everyone can relate too. Each year we are amazed at the success our readers have and we love being able to publish your hunt so you and your family can forever cherish the memories. 

Unlike print publication's back issues that are hard to get ahold of… published HUNT stories that are online with goHUNT are available for your friends and family to read forever and these stories are easily sharable through social media and emails. 

Also, keep sharing your photos with us on our social media channels. We love seeing the goHUNT hats in your photos. Keep using #goHUNT on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our social accounts. 

Writing a HUNT story

You don’t need to be an advanced writer to submit a story. It is easiest to take a lot of photos on your hunt and use those to help you with writing your story. The biggest thing is not to wait months after your hunt before you start writing.

When submitted, we would like for you to include the state that was hunted. Feel free to add any other info you are comfortable with such as, B&C score, unit or area hunted, etc. Please use the format below as a guide to help you write your HUNT story.
With this format you do not need to describe each day in detail. Cut out details that do not describe your hunt or things that are not overly interesting. Always think, “Would I enjoy reading this story from someone else.” Your story should be anywhere from 800 to 1,500 words or about 1.5 to 2 pages in length. If your HUNT story is over 1,500 words, than our editors will need to condense your story down which could lead to information being cut that you might have wanted in. So always keep in mind that cutting your story a little shorter is fine, as long as you leave in the important hunt details and supply enough photos. 

HUNT story format

General guidelines:

Basic information
Score (optional):
Year taken:
Location (state or province):
Name of outfitter (optional):

You can see examples of our past HUNT stories here.


  • Minimum 10 photos, and up to 25 if the photos make the story better
  • Send all photos in original size and quality (no cropping)
  • Submit your photos by email or provide a link to an online storage service (Dropbox, Hightail, etc.)
  • goHUNT can also provide you with a link to online storage service if needed
  • Photos should be able to tell the HUNT story from beginning to end
  • If there are people in the photo, please explain who is in the photo


  • If you have video of your hunt or part of the hunt, we can embed them in the article

Article text

  • 1,500 words or less
  • Each photo submitted should have a place in the article and the text around that photo is almost like a caption
  • Idealy the text around each photo should be no longer than 50-100 words if you have 20 photos (2-4 sentences)
  • Text around photo should give the photo depth and understanding
  • These stories are easiest to write if you take a lot of photos and then you can drop them into the text where they fit

Please introduce the reader to your story with some context.

You might talk about:

  • What prompted this particular hunt
  • Drawing or purchasing the tag
  • Other circumstances of the beginning

Example article format

Caption for picture #1
This is your first photo of the story, and should be tied to the beginning, scenery or creative photos work best here. Continue with your story, with this image as a supplement.
Captions #2, 3, and 4
2-3 sentences, also 50-100 words max.

Consider including:

  • Getting your equipment ready
  • Other preparation

Captions #5 - 7
How did you travel to the site? Show and describe your location, including the arrival.
Captions #8, 9 and 10
Talk about your scouting experience and how you decided on your strategy.
Captions #11 - 15
How did you find your animal? How many days did you see the animal? Talk about the ups and downs of the hunt.
[PICTURES #16 to 20 — THE KILL]
Captions #16 - 20
Describe how you pursued the animal, the stalk and how the shot went down.
Captions #21-25
Talk about how you packed it out, how you celebrated, and the trip home.

  • Please include any other post-hunt photos (e.g., scoring, mounting) with accompanying captions.
  • The more photos the better, the minimum required is 10.

Overall, these are just general guidelines. It is your hunt story, so feel free to write the story any way you would like, but make mention where you'd prefer to see each photo placed. That will help us to build the best looking story that you are proud of.

Hunt stories should be emailed to Brady Miller,

By submitting a HUNT story and photos, I hereby allow goHUNT permission to use any photo(s) taken by me and submitted to goHUNT for use on our website or other electronic form, or any media, including print, or in other manner desired, without notifying me.

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