Q&A with Brandon Evans

goHUNT welcomes Brandon Evans

Former wildlife technician joins goHUNT team to work on INSIDER offering for hunters

Brandon's 2014 Colorado high country muzzleloader mule deer

Brandon Evans is the latest addition to the goHUNT team. As the INSIDER Research Manager, he will be working closely with our other recent addition, Dave Loescher, to provide the best online research tools for western big game hunters. Want to get to know Brandon?  Read the Q&A below for his story.

goHUNT: How did you originally start at goHUNT?
Brandon Evans: I had mutual friends in common with the people that created goHUNT. They knew that I am a fanatic about hunting, particularly to researching hunting, whether it be new areas, new states, new species, new gear or anything else I can find out. They approached me at the beginning of the year about doing some research for their INSIDER program. I must have done a good job because just recently they offered me a full-time position.

GH: What is your favorite unit to hunt?
BE: I don’t really have a favorite unit. One of the great things about hunting is the places that it takes you. Hunting has taken me to some of the most incredible places on earth. However, I will try to never miss a year in the high alpine country of Colorado. It doesn’t have to be the same unit, just the same type of country. My dream unit would be the Arizona Strip, but that will never happen in my lifetime!  

GH: What is your most memorable hunt?
BE: My most memorable hunt would have to be my dad’s Utah muzzleloader deer hunt from a few years ago. It wasn’t that he shot the biggest buck in the state, but simply the fact that my brother, my father and I all got our schedules worked out and had the best five days of hunting you can have. It’s hard to beat hunting with family that are your best friends.

Great times spent hunting with family

GH: What harvest are you most proud of?
BE: This would have to go to a buck that I killed four or five years ago during the archery season in Utah. The preparation that went into finally getting it harvested was crazy. I don’t want to add up how much we spent on fuel to scout and set our trail cameras. It also took me 17 days to finally get the opportunity that we needed. Luckily I have a great brother that kept me going, and we were able to get it done on a great archery mule deer.

Brandon's 2009 Utah archery mule deer

GH: How did you get started hunting?
BE: I grew up in a family that hunted. It was more of a family tradition; the cousins would all come down, and my dad and grandpa would load us up in an old Jeep or pickup truck and go driving around the hills. I don't think they were too worried about killing a deer — even though we did occasionally — but we had a great time.

Old family photo
Old family photo of Brandon and his family headed out deer hunting

GH: Do you have a favorite hunting companion? Or do you enjoy going solo?
BE: I do enjoy hunting solo, especially in the backcountry. But I am very fortunate to hunt with my best friend, soulmate and beautiful wife, Sadie. We were able to go bowhunting when we were dating and I haven't missed a chance to hunt with her since. She is truly an amazing person.

Brandon and his wife Sadie
Brandon and his wife Sadie

GH: Your favorite species is the ibex? How did that come about?
BE: Hunters and people like myself have a deep respect for the animals that we hunt. The ibex on the Asian continent live and thrive in some of the craziest habitats on the planet. For an animal to survive in that it has my respect. It’s kind of a bucket list hunt for me. I doubt I will ever go hunt them, but you always have to have a dream.

GH: How does your professional background help you in the field, or with hunting strategy?
BE: I graduated from Southern Utah University with a Biology degree in Zoology and had an emphasis in wildlife biology. One of the professors that I took a few classes from was Dr. James Bowns; his philosophy is that you manage big game by managing their habitat. Learning to recognize key elements of what a particular species needs in a habitat has helped me in locating what basins will hold different animals. I used this strategy on my Colorado mule deer hunt last fall.

GH: How do you research your hunts? How important is it to you?
BE: Researching is a year-round hobby. I love to see new country, but I also want to hunt animals that are mature enough to harvest. I will usually find different areas that appeal to me, see what kind of access there is and what type of seasons are offered. Then I take a look at harvest data, tag quotas and male-to-female ratios in the area. All of that is crucial so that you don't waste a season on a scenic backpack trip.

Brandon's free range Utah bison that he harvested in 2010 with his dad and brother by his side

GH: What will your role be for Insider? What are you most excited about?
BE: I help ensure that the information we provide to our INSIDERS is completely accurate, and relevant — which is no easy task. As most hunters know all too well, states constantly change their rules and regulations, and that directly impacts hunting opportunities. It is an ongoing battle to stay ahead, but that’s what I love. Overall, though, I’d say that what’s most exciting to me is to be able to offer tools that help hunters accomplish their goals and enhance and improve their experiences in the field. It’s a great vision and one that I’m proud to be working toward.


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