Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation leads the way

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Conservation is a critical component to the future of our planet and with $1 billion in on-the-ground conservation efforts, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) is clearly leading the way. Through RMEF contributions and partner donations, funds have been directed toward land protection and access, habitat enhancement, wildlife management, and hunting heritage and conservation outreach projects. This means that 9,738 projects that either protect or enhance 6,714,810 acres of elk habitat have been successfully completed.

“This is an incredible milestone and testament to many people over a lot of years who are dedicated to ensuring the future of elk, elk habitat and conservation,” says David Allen, RMEF president and CEO.

RMEF partners include a broad range of industries and organizations, bringing together wildlife agencies, universities, environmental agencies, private landowners and corporations as well as federal, tribal, civic, wildlife and sportsmen groups. 

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“This is a tremendous milestone, and we congratulate RMEF on this accomplishment,” said Leanne Marten, U.S. Forest Service regional forester. “We deeply appreciate our partnership with RMEF and the work we have been able to do together with their organization and volunteers to improve the health and resilience of our National Forest System lands for the public’s use and enjoyment.” 

"We applaud the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's dedication to wildlife and habitat conservation," said Neil Kornze, U.S. Bureau of Land Management director. "Their work has helped ensure that we have healthy habitats for many species of wildlife while supporting our country's hunting heritage. I congratulate them on reaching this extraordinary milestone."


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