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Last chance to submit and get entered to win a browning rifle

You read that title right, share your photos and HUNT stories with us — get free gear. It's that easy.

Grand prize

All submissions give you a chance to win a Browning X-Bolt rifle in the caliber of your choice with a Vortex Razor HD LH 3-15x42 riflescope. See details below.

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How does this work?

It’s simple; share your photos and HUNT stories with us, get free gear. There are two ways to win. 

#1 - Submit hat photos

goHUNT hat photo from Hunter Haynes

Send us an image of you with your goHUNT hat in the field and you'll get one entry toward the rifle giveaway. Also, if we use it, we’ll send you another hat for FREE. Harvest photos are preferred, but they can be anything from shed hunting, scouting, shooting your bow/rifle, and glassing.

#2 - Submit HUNT stories

100 dollar gift card to KUIU from goHUNT

Everyone's experienced memorable hunting trips or has great hunts planned for 2016 and we’d love for you to share your hunt with us. So if you’re feeling aggressive, you can submit a HUNT story with 10-20 photos. When you submit a HUNT story you'll get two entries toward winning the grand prize, as a bonus, if you submit a HUNT story with a goHUNT hat in the harvest photo, you'll get five entries.

Also, if we use your HUNT story, you'll receive a KUIU gift card worth $100.

See HUNT story submission guidelines here.

Simply put:

  • Submit a goHUNT hat photo you get 1 entry
  • Submit a HUNT story and you get 2 entries
  • Submit a HUNT story with a goHUNT hat in the harvest photo and you get 5 entries

At the end of the year we will randomly draw from the list of entries. The more entries you have, the better chance you have of winning. The person drawn will win the grand prize package.

All submissions can be sent to Brady Miller,

Giveaway rules can be found here.

Summary of giveaway items

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If your goHUNT hat is beat up or lost, you can pick up a new one at the goHUNT Shop. You can pick from the same styles as when you joined INSIDER, or from a few new office favorites.

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