South Dakota considers elk tag raffle for Black Hills


Photo credit: Shutterstock

The South Dakota Game and Fish Commission met last week to discuss the possibility of adding a special elk tag for the Black Hills in South Dakota. The request, which was presented via a petition to commission members in October, came from members of South Dakota Ducks Unlimited who say that creating the special raffle would provide funds for conservation projects within the state. The request was considered for a final vote late last week.

While many support the idea, saying that similar raffles have helped other big game species like bighorn sheep, others say that only the wealthy will benefit, according to the Capital Journal.

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“Only the rich will win, not fair to the fixed income folks,” wrote Dwain Hudson of Custer in a comment submitted to the commission.

According to the Capital Journal, here are the proposed rules being voted on by the commission:

  1. Establish an elk raffle license in the Black Hills elk hunting season, which would be valid in any unit where any elk license is allocated.
  2. The new elk raffle license would only be valid in hunting units within the Black Hills hunting season where any elk licenses are allocated.
  3. The new elk raffle license would not be valid in Custer State Park.
  4. The raffle license would only be available to qualifying residents.
  5. The raffle license would be available to any 501(c)3 nonprofit conservation organization that dedicates itself to wildlife management.
  6. Funds from the raffle would be held in an account that can specifically identify and track the revenue and expenditures of the raffle money to “assure funds generated are spent on wildlife management activities” that help South Dakota natural resources.


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