Utah poaching crimes on the rise

Photo credits: ksl.com

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) has its hands full with a string of recent poaching cases across the state. While investigations continue, UDWR hopes that anyone with any information on these incidents comes forward to help solve these wildlife crimes.

All of the incidents occurred in October. According to KSL.com, the five cases currently under investigation are:

  • Case one: A dead doe was found in Bountiful on Skyline Drive near the Buckland Flats area – a location where no rifle deer season is allowed.
  • Case two: On Oct. 6 in the New Canyon area of Rich County, a group of hunters discovered a wandering fawn and a dead mature doe after investigating a shot that came from a “blue, late ‘90s model Chevy or GMC truck with a white camper shell.”
  • Case three: On Oct. 10, a UDWR conservation officer discovered a downed bull moose that had a gunshot wound in its front shoulder in the road up Arthur’s Fork in American Fork Canyon.
  • Case four: UDWR responded to a report of suspicious activity on Oct. 27 on Monroe Mountain near Highway 24 where they discovered a dead 7x7 trophy mule deer buck. A $3,000 reward is being offered for any information on this particular incident by UDWR, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, and the Mule Deer Foundation.
  • Case five: A 3x4 buck was found dead and left to waste on the side of Highway 9 in Kane County around Oct. 24. Based upon the deer’s injuries, investigators believe that the buck was “shot and killed on the East Zion Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU) behind a CWMU and ‘no trespassing’ sign,” according to KSL.com.

Mule deer found in case five
Photo credits: ksl.com

“We need your help,” UDWR Captain Mitch Lane told KSL.com. “We need you to keep your eyes and ears open while you’re enjoying time in the outdoors. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, please let us know.”

To report any type of suspicious activity or information about these cases (or any others), please call 1-800-662-3337 or email the information to toturninapoacher@utah.gov.




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