Will Wyoming block big game data?

Antelope in field
Photo credits: Shutterstock

Wyoming has multiple wildlife studies in progress that utilize GPS collars so that researchers can determine big game migration patterns across the state. Because this specialized data could be used to illegally track down big game, Wyoming lawmakers have introduced a new bill that would restrict public access. The hope is that it would eliminate the ability for hunters and poachers to use the information to track down elk, mule deer, or antelope.

Additionally, Wyoming has proposed another bill that would prevent the solicitation of hunters and anglers by businesses and other organizations. This one prohibits the “release of personal information about people who buy state hunting and fishing licenses,” according to the Associated Press. While some may question if this is necessary, the reality is that many hunters would be safe from scrutiny or further harassment since that type of behavior has skyrocketed on social media.

Stay tuned to goHUNT for further information on both of these bills as the year progresses.




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