Winter is prime time for poaching mule deer

Mule deer in snow
Photo credits: Shutterstock

In 2016, 250 mule deer were illegally harvested in Utah. And winter, unfortunately, seems to be a hot time for poaching because of the fact that deer often group together over available food and water sources, creating a perfect storm for would-be poachers.

This is why the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) asks for citizens to keep vigilant over the winter months and report any type of suspicious behavior to authorities in order to stop poachers in their tracks.

“Our officers know their districts really well including remote areas that draw deer,” says UDWR Captain Mitch Lane. “If there’s an area in Utah that attracts deer in the winter, our officers know about it and will be watching it.”

Yet, officers can’t be everywhere, which is why it’s important for residents to keep their eyes and ears open when out and about this winter. To report tips to UWDR, contact the Turn-in-a-Poacher hotline at 1-800-662-3337. The hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and tips are often the reason why most poachers are caught.




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