Wisconsin moves forward with blaze pink initiative

3 Pro-Pink Speakers
Photo Credit: TwinCities.com

Let them wear blaze pink! Wisconsin legislators are leading the way in a new initiative to legalize blaze pink hunting gear. The Assembly of Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage Committee approved the bill in a 14-1 vote on Wednesday. This means that the bill will now be considered for passage by the full Assembly.

With the number of women hunters on the rise, Wisconsin legislators have decided that the next logical step to recruit more women hunters was to change the dress code, insisting that blaze pink has an equal spot within the blaze orange hunting community. In fact, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studied the color and deemed it safe. The irony is that many women choose to hunt not for the clothes, but for the satisfaction of being outside, the empowerment of the sport and the opportunity to fill their freezers with quality free range meat. It makes this new twist on the acceptability of blaze pink clothing a bit demeaning to future recruits.

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According to CBS Minnesota, Wisconsin law requires at least half of each piece of clothing worn by gun deer hunters be blaze orange, but the new bill would allow blaze pink to be a possibility also to those who wanted to wear it. If this bill passes, Wisconsin would be the first state to legally allow blaze pink clothing as a safe choice for hunters.

"Where is this coming from?"asks Jeff Schinkten, president of Whitetails Unlimited. "A guy in blaze orange sticks out like a sore thumb. If blaze pink does the same thing, great. I like the idea that we're catering to the women to get them into the sport ... but I'm more about safety than fashion."


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