Wyoming lowers minimum hunting age

Wyoming lowers minimum hunting age

Photo credit: Dreamstime

Wyoming has decreased the age restriction for youth hunters. For young hunters interested in heading afield this fall, you must turn 12 by the end of the calendar year, which means you can hunt big game or trophy animals when you are still 11 years old. 

Last month, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department filed an emergency rule that would modify Chapter 44 of the state’s licensing regulations “to comply with a new law that lowers the minimum age to purchase a big or trophy game license,” according to the Powell Tribune. This emergency rule does expire in 120 days; however, it’s expected that the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission will finalize the rule change during its November meeting.

What does this mean? First, interested youth hunters must successfully complete a hunter education course (unless they hunt with a mentor). After that, they can purchase their own big game hunting license at only 11 years old (as long as they turn 12 by the end of that calendar year). 

Best of luck to our young hunters this fall!

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