Wyoming public lands shed hunting opens at noon on May 1

Wyoming public lands shed hunting opens at noon on May 1

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Next month, shed hunting opens in Wyoming. However, this year, there are new rules in place for public lands antler and horn collection. In January, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) passed an amendment that prohibits shed hunting on public lands prior to noon on May 1 “regardless of when the land becomes open to public access,” the agency reports.

WGFD announced this change last month, but with the shed hunting season nearly here, wants to stress the changes to opening time. 

Further, to limit the spread of COVID-19, anyone who travels to Wyoming (excluding work-related travel) is required to “immediately self-quarantine for 14-days” after entering the state, according to WGFD. Nonresidents must also check state and local public health orders and directives and follow them during their time in Wyoming.

Wyoming antler hunting area

Wyoming statewide antler map

Wyoming antler hunting area. Source: Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Remember: if you are out shed hunting and find antlers or horns still attached to the skull, you are required to contact a game warden before moving the head from the field. That find will require an Interstate Game Tag to be attached by a WGFD officer. The tag costs $8. It is illegal to shed hunt during the closed season and anyone who violates this can be charged with a wildlife crime.

To view the new regulation, click here. If you are interested in closure information around the Laramie, Green River, Pinedale and Jackson areas, contact the local WDFG office.

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