Preparing for Western hunts

Kody S. with his 2015 Mule Deer

Anyone who has seriously looked at hunting in the West knows how complex it is. Untangling state rules and researching where to hunt used to take countless hours. Now, with goHUNT INSIDER, you can quickly search to find your hunt and get detailed information in a fraction of the time.

Using INSIDER to plan your Western hunts

INSIDER not only breaks down each state's rules & regs in State Profiles (see a free sample of Utah here), but gives you tons of data and information on every area and season. Best of all, it's built so you can easily customize filters and find exactly the hunt you're looking for.

Example 1: Mule Deer in Wyoming Region H

Let’s say you drew a deer tag in Wyoming Region H, which allows you to hunt in 14 different areas. If you’re an out-of-state hunter, you can’t waste your time trying to scout each area or just take a guess and pick the one that “looks” best on a map.

Here are the simple steps we follow to find the right hunt:

  1. Navigate to Filtering 2.0 -> Wyoming-> Mule Deer. 133 areas
  2. Filter Trophy Potential to 180 inches or greater. 24 areas
  3. Filter Season to Rifle - General. 19 seasons
  4. Filter by Harvest Success of 50% or better. 1 season


Example 2: Over-the-counter elk opportunity in Idaho

Even if you have bad luck in the draw, you can still plan a great Western hunt this fall. By combining over-the-counter hunts with other filters, you will see which opportunities match what you're looking for.

Here are the simple steps we follow to find the right hunt:

  1. Navigate to Filtering 2.0 -> Idaho -> Elk. 98 units
  2. Under Season, select “Early Rifle (Over the Counter)”. 29 results
  3. Filter Trophy Potential to 310 inches or better. 8 results
  4. Sort by Male-to-Female Ratio. 2 results are tied for the highest ratio (44:100)
  5. Compare percentage of 6-point bulls harvested. 1 result wins (33% vs 22%)

What's next?

At this point in either scenario, you're ready to enter the Area/Unit Profile and start diving deeper. There you will find detailed maps, terrain photos, private land %, access points, weather trends, historical harvest data, etc.

WY Region 154

How do I use this tool?

Step One: Sign up for goHUNT INSIDER to instantly find quality hunts.
Step Two: Dive in and have a better season.





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