A look at the Capra Hunter Ti knife by Goat Knives

Capra hunter ti knife

The Capra Hunter Ti knife after cutting up my black bear earlier this spring.

I’ll be honest, I like gear. Especially great gear and every now and then a piece of gear comes out that truly impresses me. This new Capra Hunter Ti knife by Goat knives is that piece of gear!

Knife meets multi-tool

It’s not just a knife but it's also a handy multi-purpose tool. That right there is a sweet feature that sets this replaceable blade knife apart from the rest.

Not only does this knife take on a minimalistic approach… but it also has features to help you fix pretty much anything in the backcountry if something fails or needs to be repaired. Having a piece of gear that can be used for multiple purposes on a hunt is always a win-win in my book. Besides having a functional and comfortable knife handle, the Capra Hunter Ti knife eliminates the need to pack extra tools like Allen wrenches and in addition to that, has a length of braided BCY 24 lanyard for repairing a plethora of other things on a hunt.

Black bear and Capra Hunter Ti knife

I was fortunate to get this knife before it was released and put it through the wringer on a bear hunt this past spring. Once I got the knife in my hand, I instantly knew we needed to carry this in the goHUNT Gear Shop.

Tightening camera plate with Capra hunter ti knife

It was the first day of the bear hunt and we were bushwhacking through tangles and tangles of timber, and somehow my tripod leg got a little loose. While we set up to glass, I busted out my Capra Hunter Ti and was easily able to tighten the loose Allen head. Also on the same day, my Cotton Carrier camera plate got loose and again the knife saved me. It's safe to say I was a little rough on my gear to start the hunt.

Bit multi-tool holder on Capra hunter ti knife

The small quarter-inch bits are held in place by o-rings on the handle of the knife. Before my hunt, I went through the bit kit and found the two most common sizes for the majority of my gear. Then other small bits I might need I kept in my kill kit. At first, I had wondered how the o-rings would hold up when cutting up an animal. But to my amazement, even working through thick bear hide, working the joints of the bear paws, and cutting up the meat the o-rings and bits head in place like a champ.

So, on to the details

  • Handle weight: 26 grams (0.92 oz) or a total weight of 1.4 oz with a blade and sheath
    • Made from Grade 2 Titanium
    • Ultralight and strong!
  • ¼” drive cut out for use with any ¼” platform bits
    • Comes with a bit kit and Kydex sheath
  • The knife handle has two slotted cut-outs for two bits that are held in place by four o-rings
  • Two feet of braided BCY 24 lanyard. Could be used for:
    • Replacing a d loop on a bow
    • Fix tent guy lines
    • Boot laces
    • Zipper pulls
    • Hang meat
  • Includes three replaceable blades
  • Handle length: 6.75”
  • Overall length: 8.5”

Video review


In conclusion

If you know Travis Nowotny, you know he can hunt! So when he texted me and told me about this knife, I instantly knew it was going to be tough and hold up perfectly to his high standards. It also passes my test! A lightweight replaceable blade hunting knife is an essential piece of gear. And now, your knife can do more than just cut meat!

Check out the knife here



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