Brady Miller's 2018 Utah muzzleloader mule deer gear list

Check out the video above for an item-by-item gear explanation for this muzzleloader hunt.

Gear list breakdown

Muzzleloader gear in seek outside tipi

What follows is the exact gear list I ran during my recent 2018 Utah muzzleloader mule deer hunt. This hunt was a little different than my norm... I was still backpack hunting, but I split up the hunt in three day periods in case I needed to change locations. This gear list is also a hybrid of lightweight gear that I normally run, and some "comfort" gear items due to the transition to fall hunts.

Brady Miller's 2018 muzzleloader mule deer gear list

Brady Miller muzzleloader mule deer gear list

In conclusion

Ultimate muzzleloader with mule deer buck

This hunt was a success on all fronts. The gear worked perfectly, even during all the rain on this hunt! On the third day, I was able to take a great buck during a fogged out morning after a brief pause in the rain and fog. Let me know if you have any questions on the gear I used. Best of luck this season!

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