Brady Miller's 2019 Montana spring bear hunt gear list

Check out the video above for a complete overview of the gear for this hunt.

By the time this article goes live, Neville and I will be driving up to Montana for a Montana spring bear hunt. We did this same hunt last year, but this time we are leaving the mountain bikes at home... more on that subject on our Tour De Bruin film...

Gear list breakdown

What follows is the exact gear list I will be running during my 2019 Montana spring bear hunt. Some of the gear items below will be split up between myself and Neville. That is a huge advantage of hunting with someone!

This gear list isn't my typical "lightweight" hunting gear. A bear hunt is pretty fun an relaxing, so most of the gear follows suit. And when it comes to food, I kind of just tossed a bunch of food that was leftover from the 2018 season. I'll admit, in the excitement of getting ready for this hunt, I totally forgot to weigh my rifle setup. I will do that when I return from the hunt and update the gear list sheet below. Also, the weather outlook has drastically changed for the better, so before we head out, I'll probably remove some layers from this list.

Brady Miller's 2019 Montana spring black bear gear list

Neville's gear list video

If you want to see how my list compares to Neville's... check out the video below.

In conclusion

As always, let me know if you have any questions on the gear I used and how it worked out. Best of luck this season!

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