Everything you need to know about the TUR Carbon Pro knife by Goat Knives

The TUR Carbon Pro from Goat Knives

The TUR Carbon Pro knife on my 2020 Idaho mule deer. All photo credits: Brady Miller

By now I’m sure you know how much I appreciate well-thought-out pieces of hunting gear. The people over at Goat Knives have a mindset of innovating products that flat out work! 

Take for example their Capra Hunter Ti knife. Back in 2020, I put the yet to be released Capra Hunter Ti knife to work on a spring bear hunt and it's seen a ton of use since then. You can check out that review here. That knife had all sorts of features that left me wondering why no one had built a knife with those features before.

Fast forward to the fall hunting season and Goat Knives released another new knife. Their TUR Carbon Pro which is a fixed blade version.

The first thing I want to mention is this knife carries over their patent-pending Goat Knife ¼” drive hole. Like the Capra Hunter Ti, you can use ¼” Allen-type bits to fix anything that might go wrong on a hunt with your gear. Just go through your gear and see what size bits you need to carry, and then if anything loosens up on your tripod, optic plates, rifle scope, or even your bow… you can fix it without having to carry a giant set of tools. Obviously, if you're working on your bow you should use the sheath to cover up the blade.

I picked up the TUR Carbon Pro knife just before I went on my 2020 Idaho mule deer hunt. After this first use with it, I instantly appreciated how sharp and durable the blade was. I made an effort to only use this knife when quartering my buck and finally de-boning all the meat. The blade handled all of the de-boning with ease. It fits well in my hand, and the best part... it barely weighs anything coming in at 1.5 oz and again, it has the multi-tool function.

TUR Carbon Pro knife on elk antlers

A week later I brought this knife on an elk hunt. My brother drew a great elk tag and this knife once again handled a long night of cutting meat and preparing the hide for a shoulder mount.

TUR Carbon Pro Knife on mule deer antlers

And finally, this knife really saw some use on my annual family mule deer hunt. In one week, my family all tagged out on bucks and this knife cut up four different bucks.

TUR Carbon Pro Specs

Weight1.5 oz
MaterialNitro V blade steel
w/titanium handle
Overall length7.5"
Blade length2.75"
Handle length4.75"
SheathKydex with cordage
Manufacturer warrantyLimited lifetime

This knife not only retains a sharp edge due to the Rockwell hardness rating of 62, but the knife was also stupid simple to sharpen in the field with just a Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener. Note: the Rockwell scale is a measure of the hardness of materials. The higher the number, the stronger the material. And while that is a good thing, it’s also a combination of quality items in this knife that truly make it stand out. The hardness rating coupled with the Nitro V blade steel, corrosion resistance and blade retention... means anyone can quickly and easily put a super sharp edge back on the knife. Plus, the carbon inlay gives this knife a certain pop.

In conclusion

TUR Carbon Pro knife with sheath

If you're in the market for a new fixed blade knife this year, the TUR Carbon Pro will serve you very well! It's another phenomenally well-designed knife and can also help fix your gear in a pinch by utilizing the 1/4" bit drive section. Plus, it’s made in the USA!

Check out the TUR Carbon Pro here



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