Just Released: Sitka Dew Point Rain Gear System!

Sitka Dew Point rain gear system

My favorite rain gear system is back and better than ever! Photo credit: Cody Boor

There's nothing that will wreck your day more than a rainstorm and not having the quality gear you need to keep hunting. Just about everyone understands the importance of quality rain gear, but a lot of people don't enjoy keeping it in their backpack due to weight and bulk. Well... you will no longer ever have to worry about that problem again!

Today Sitka has launched their new for 2021 Dew Point rain jacket and pants. This is an upgrade over their older Dew Point series that I have used a ton back in the day. After a year of using the new Dew Point, I'm even more impressed on the new system!

Like just mentioned, I've been fortunate to have tested the new Dew Point rain system the entire 2020 hunting season and it worked like a dream!

Sitka Dew Point pant full zip

I love lightweight gear because I carry extra weight in my pack such as camera gear and a big optics setup. So having rain gear that doesn’t drag me down is HUGE! I have used the older version of the Dew Point and I really appreciate the thought behind them and I can confidently say that for 2021, Sitka stepped up big time with the new Dew Point. The jacket only weighs 12.5 ounces and the pants weigh 10.5 oz, which is Sitka's lightest full set of rain gear.

Also when hunting mule deer or any species in the West I need a rain gear system that can hold up to the rigors of the mountains. From bushwhacking in thick timber to navigating scree fields and then working through a burned tangle mess of a mountain… the Dew Point is not only lightweight but also durable and ready to keep you at the ready.

Technical details

Sitka Dew Point rain gear while mule deer hunting

Sitka set out to build the lightest weight rain gear out there that is not made the same as the rest. It has the durability you need and is lightweight so it won't weigh down your backpack when you don't need it.

It's made from a breathable Gore-Tex 3-layer laminate and 20-denier nylon ripstop fabric face so durability isn't an issue. Plus comfort is amazing with the addition of Gore-Tex C-Knit backer technology. The cut of the jacket and pants are built to accommodate added layers. This is essential due to the ever-changing conditions we all face when either climbing up a mountain in the rain or sitting there glassing all day. Chest pockets are positioned to work with the Mountain Optics Harness and another great feature I really appreciated was the zippered pockets also allowed me to access them while wearing a backpack. This is huge during a rainstorm!

The Dew Point is offered in Optifade Open Country, Optifade Subalpine, Pyrite, Black and Deep Water. Check out your options in the goHUNT Gear Shop below:

Sitka Dew Point Jacket Sitka Dew Point PaNT

Pit zips to dump heat on Sitka Dew Point jacket

Venting is big when you have to hike in your rain gear. And with large pit zips on the jacket, and full-length zip vents on the pants, this system is built for mountain hunts. 

Made for hunting

While hunting mule deer on a solo backpack trip this past year in Idaho, everything was thrown at me in terms of weather. It rained or snowed every day. I had the 2021 Dew Point rain gear and it was the perfect condition to put them through the wringer. And even with the annoying rain, I was still able to sit and glass in the rain, plus I made an effort to find mule deer by still hunting timber, and also I took advantage one day of the low visibility during a rainstorm to move camp. Even while wearing a backpack the Dew Point was very comfortable to wear and breathes extremely well.


Packability of Sitka Dew Point rain jacket

Rain gear shouldn't take up a bunch of room in your backpack. In the above image, you can see how small the Dew Point jacket can pack down to. This means you will hardly notice this system in your pack. With packability also comes the options to keep rain gear more accessible. So now you can keep your rain gear in a small pocket in your backpack and not buried somewhere that is hard to access when a storm rolls in.

The difference in old Dew Point vs. new Dew Point

The 2021 Dew Point is both lighter and more durable than the previous model. Plus there is an updated fit and design.

Sizing of Sitka dew point rain jacket

For reference, I am 6'5" tall and 185 pounds and I wear a Large Tall in the Dew Point jacket and pants.

In summary

Glassing in a rainstorm

Again, rain gear is one of those I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it which is why I always carry a set in my backpack. And with the Dew Point jacket and pants, your rain gear will always be within reach so you can continue to hunt in the rain and avoid having to head back to camp. That alone can be the tipping point in success in the mountains. What's even better, Sitka was able to cram more features into this rain gear system and still have it weigh less than the previous model!

The Sitka Dew Point is the waterproof protection you need without the annoying weight of typical rain gear systems. Let me know if you have any questions.

Shop the Sitka Dew Point Jacket here Shop the Sitka Dew Point Pant here


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