Trail Kreitzer's Sitka blacktail deer gear list


Flying to Kodiak Alaska
Flying to Kodiak Alaska. Photo credits: Trail Kreitzer

What follows is my gear list for a boat style hunt for Sitka blacktail deer on Kodiak Alaska. This is a different sort of gear list than the norm due to the boat aspect, but this should give you a great starting point for everything you need to pack for this style of hunt in November. Word of caution, this hunt is very addicting and is the second time I've gone to Alaska for Sitka blacktail.

Item-by-item gear list video


Detailed gear List

Random photos from the trip

Sleeping conditions on boat while blacktail hunting
Sleeping accommodations.
Kodiak alaska essentials
Safety gear essentials for Alaska.

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Hanging blacktail deer meat on boat
Hanging blacktail meat on the boat.
Utilizing a boat in Kodiak Alaska for hunting
Inflatable boat for accessing hunting terrain.
Duck hunting bonus while hunting in Alaska
Bonus duck hunt while in Alaska.

Fishing while on a blacktail hunt

Trail Kreitzer with a Yelloweye in Alaska

Yelloweye in Alaska.
Hunting with a great group of friends
Hunting with a great group of friends.
Cooking Sitka blacktail deer backstraps on boat
Cooking fresh Sitka blacktail backstraps on the boat.
Trail Kreitzer 2017 Kodiak Alaska Sitka blacktail deer
My 2017 Sitka blacktail.

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