Gear Review: Comparing the SLIK Pro 624 CF & Sirui T-024X tripods


Slik pro 624 and Sirui T-024x carbon fiber tripods
All photo credits: Brady Miller

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Tripods come in all sorts of different sizes and features. I like to place tripods in three categories; backpacking tripods, day hunting tripods, and glassing from a truck/atv tripods. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on the differences between the lightweight Sirui and SLIK “backpacking tripods” that we carry in our Gear Shop, so I’m going to run through some similarities and differences between the Sirui T-024X and SLIK Pro 624 CF tripods.

These are two lightweight workhorses in the tripod world. Both of these models are perfect for the person looking to cut some weight on a backcountry hunt or the person who just wants a tripod that takes up less room on the outside of a backpack. Note: For the comparisons below, I removed the ball head off of the Sirui T-024x (a Sirui C-10S Ball Head and quick release plate are included when buying the tripod) to keep the discussion similar. Right off the bat, both of these tripods feature twist locks which I absolutely love for backpacking hunting. A simple twist of my hand and I can unlock all of the legs at once, or I could move my hand down a bit and unlock only the top or bottom two.

Comparing the two tripods

Lightweight backpacking tripod specs

 SLIK Pro 624 CFSirui T-024x
Includes HeadNoYes
MaterialCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
Weight (standard)1 lb. 13.6 oz1 lb. 9.8 oz
Weight (short center
1 lb. 11.4 oz1 lb. 9 oz
Leg Sections44
Max. Load Weight7 lb. 1.6 oz13 lb. 3 oz.
Min. Height3.5"4.9" **
Max. Height45"54.7"
Folded Pack Length14.5"17.5"
Leg AdjustmentTwistTwist
Hook Loop for WeightNoYes
Adjustable Center
YesYes (two sections
Manufacturer Warranty3 year limited6 year limited

* Price includes a Sirui C-10S Ball Head and quick release plate
** If you want to get the minimum height, you must bring along the extra center column extension that is 3 ⅞” long and weighs an additional 1.8 oz.

SLIK Pro 624 CF Tripod Information

Glassing for deer with Slik pro 624 carbon fiber tripod

I’ve personally been running the same SLIK Pro 624 CF tripod since 2012 and I haven’t found a reason to replace it yet. Setting up this compact tripod is quick and easy and this is a very stable tripod, even when using an 85 mm spotting scope. These legs feel a little stiffer than the Sirui T-024x when you have the legs fully extended. From my use, this makes the SLIK tripod a little easier to use in windy conditions. Also, the two section center column is another feature that I really like. I'm able to use this for photography when I need to get really low angles by separating the center column tube.

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Center column adjustment

Slik pro 624 carbon fiber tripod center column adjustment

The SLIK uses an oversized set screw for the center column adjustment and it puts pressure on the round post. So... if you don't adjust it tight enough, the weight of the head and optic could make the center column slide down if you're not careful. With that said, you just need one hard turn and it will stay in place.

Packed length

Slik pro 624 carbon fiber tripod packed length

The packed length of just the tripod is a short 14.5" which enables me to keep my tripod anywhere on my pack. Sometimes I'll place my tripod on top of my pack under the top lid when I'm moving quickly to glassing spots and this small setup with a head works perfectly there.

Head attachment width

Slik pro 624 carbon fiber tripod head attachment width

What I really like about this tripod is the large surface area for attaching a head. This SLIK Pro 624 CF head attachment point measures 1 7/8".

Leg angle adjustment

Slik pro 624 carbon fiber tripod leg angle adjustment

Leg adjustments are a little slower on the SLIK because you have to manually pull out the lever.


Slik pro 624 carbon fiber tripod weight
Weight: 1 lb. 13.6 oz

At 1 lb. 13.6 oz, this tripod is both light and solid enough for serious glassing sessions in the mountains. If you removed the longer section of the center column and just ran the small one, you'd be at 1 lb. 11.4 oz.

View SLIK Pro 624 CF tripod in the Gear Shop Here

Sirui T-024x Carbon Fiber Tripod Information

Sirui T-024x carbon fiber tripod

I haven't had a ton of time behind this tripod yet, but the times I used it in the field, I was very impressed. Not only is this an ultralight tripod, it still shines in the stability category. I have ran both 15 power binoculars and an 85 mm spotting scope off this tripod with ease. One feature that might be overlooked is the great twist locks and how easy the legs drop down when you loosen the twist locks (the SLIK legs are not as loose). This might help if you get to a spot and have to bust out the spotter very quickly to get a look at an animal.

Center column adjustment

Sirui t-024x carbon fiber tripod center column adjustment twist lock

The Sirui has a great center column twist lock adjustment. This twist lock is really fast and solid, but you will have to make sure you twist it enough or your head and optic may start to slide down. 

Sirui t-024x carbon fiber tripod center column adjustment

This system runs on a track that helps prevent the center colum from spinning if you're adjusting your pan head.

Weight hook

Sirui t-024x carbon fiber tripod weight hook

Another huge plus is the weight hook at the bottom of the center column. This simple hook will enable you to attach a bag of rocks to your tripod to add some weight for glassing in windy conditions. The idea for this hook is pretty amazing. By adding weight to your tripod when glassing, it will be more stabile. You can hang any sort of weight you have with you, I normally use a camera or lens bag.

Packed length

Sirui t-024x carbon fiber tripod standard length

Sirui t-024x carbon fiber tripod shortened length

You can also fold the Sirui two different ways. The standard way is to fold the legs down toward the center column which equals 17.5” and folding the legs the opposite way equals15.25”.

Head attachment width

Sirui t-024x carbon fiber tripod head attachment width

The Sirui T-024x has a head attachment point that measures 1.5" which is slightly less surface area than the SLIK Pro 624 CF. I don't consider this a downfall by any means. But it could be something to keep in mind if you want to run a slightly larger head on this lightweight setup.

Leg angle adjustment

Sirui t-024x carbon fiber tripod leg angle adjustment

One feature I really like on the Sirui tripods is the quick push button to adjust the angle of the legs. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I glass in a super tight spot and need to have one tripod leg kicked up on a rock or dirt bank. The push button style is so much faster than SLIK’s method where you need to pull up a lever and then move the leg and push it back down.


Sirui T-024x carbon fiber tripod weight
Weight: 1 lb. 9.8 oz

At 1 lb. 9.8 oz, this tripod is a dream to carry around. But don't let the weight fool you, it can still handle the weight of a large spotting scope. If you removed the long center column and replaced it with the short one, you'd be at 1 lb. 9 oz.

Sirui t-024x carbon fiber tripod short center column length

The shorter section above weighs 1.8 oz.

View Sirui T-024x carbon fiber tripod in the Gear Shop Here

In conclusion

After looking at the specs of each tripod, you can easily see why I called these tripods backcountry workhorses. If you're the person who sits or kneels down to glass in the mountains, these tripods will do wonders for you. They are a little too short to stand and glass for a 6'5" guy like myself, but I rarely do any stand up glassing in the mountains. Lightweight tripods have served me very well over the years, even with big spotting scopes. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have on these two tripods and you can check out all of our tripod and tripod heads and accessories on our Gear Shop.

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