Just released: Swarovski NL Pure binocular line

New Swarovski NL Pure binoculars close up

The new for 2020 Swarovski NL Pure binocular. Photo courtesy of Swarovski

Today, Swarovski just released a gamechanger in their binocular line in the new NL Pure series. The NL Pure is offered in 8x42, 10x42, and 12x42.

I wanted to wait to release this article until I got some time behind these, so earlier this morning I went out and got to put my eyes behind them. And WOW! These are nice!

"They are unbelievable, so unbelievable. I'm blown away by them. They are amazing!" - My exact words to Brady Miller this morning on the phone.

I've never felt a binocular that fits better in my hand. This might sound crazy... but these are something else to hold.

What makes this a gamechanger?

The NL Pure has the largest ever field of view ever, and on top of that, barely perceptible edges that really make glassing that much better! Add to that Swarovision technology and lens coatings that guarantees everything you glass will be crystal clear and perfect colors to enable you to pick apart the terrain with ease, plus 91% light transmission!

The field flattener lenses deliver an almost flat, and completely distortion-free view across the image. I really noticed this view as I tested out these binoculars earlier this morning. Plus, these are compatible with the Swarovski Universal Tripod Adapter as a separate accessory for glassing off a tripod.

New bino shape

Swarovski NL Pure binocular side view

Along with those great features, the NL Pure design was built to perfectly fit in your hand. The ergonomic shape guarantees relaxed viewing even when hand-holding them while glassing.

FRP Forehead Rest

Swarovski NL Pure with forehead rest

Photo courtesy of Swarovski

One really cool feature is the FRP Forehead Rest (available as an accessory). Swarovski sort of took this concept from their BTX eyepiece and built it as an add on piece for the NL Pure line. This does create a new level of stability and comfort when glassing behind these without a tripod.

New focus system

Side view Swarovski NL Pure binocular

A new system was built to position the focusing mechanism in the binocular's new ergonomic housing. 

Swarovski NL Pure Specs

Effective objective lens diameter42 mm42 mm42 mm
Exit pupil diameter5.3 mm4.2 mm3.5 mm
Exit pupil distance18 mm18 mm18 mm
Field of view @ 1,000 yards477 ft399 ft339 ft
Field of view (degrees)
Shortest focus distance6.6 ft6.6 ft8.5 ft
Light transmission91%91%91%
Length6.2 in6.2 in6.2 in
Width5.1 in5.1 in5.1 in
Height2.8 in2.8 in2.8 in
Weight29.5 oz30.0 oz29.5 oz
WarrantyManufacturing and material defects

New Swarovski NL Pure binoculars

This morning was my first look through the new Swarovski NL Pure binoculars.

Quick photo comparison of the NL Pure and EL

Side by side Swarovski NL Pure and EL

The NL Pure 10x42s are on the left and the 10x42 ELs are on the right.

If you have any questions about these binoculars, I’d be more than happy to help and you can drop any questions in this article. I can also be reached at optics@gohunt.com or you can call me at (702) 847-8747 | Ext. 2.

If you're considering purchasing new binoculars this year, the new Swarovski NL Pure line will not let you down! The NL Pure binoculars are in our Gear Shop. Note: we are currently accepting pre-orders and they are scheduled to ship September 1.

NL Pure 8x42 NL Pure 10x42 NL Pure 12x42


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