Optics for desert hunting

Optics are everything when in the desert, especially when hunting Coues deer. Trail and I recently got back from an Arizona OTC bowhunt for Coues deer and when we weren't sitting water, optics were our best friend. In the video above and the list below you'll see a full list of what optics we brought on our hunt and why we carried them.

Brady Miller's Glassing Setup:

Brady glassing with Swarovski BTX

Glassing with the Swarovski BTX. All photo credits: Logan Summers

Stay tuned for a few follow-up articles on how I ended up deciding what "big eye" optic to go with. I've discussed this in past articles and on Instagram, but I have been testing out a bunch of different options and finally settled on the Swarovski BTX system. I've had them on a few hunts now since late-November and they are worth every penny!

Trail Kreitzer's Glassing Setup:

Trail glassing with Leica Noctivid binoculars


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