Tripod tips for long distance glassing: Part 1

Long distance glassing tips with tripod

Glassing long distance with a Sirui tripod and Zeiss Victory Harpia 95mm spotting scope. Photo credit: Brady Miller

Each year we hear a lot of questions revolving tripods. After all, a quality tripod will make or break your glassing success. Below are several of the most common questions I get asked. I hope these help you out when deciding what tripod to buy and also some tips on using them in the field.

Also, for all your optics or tripod questions, you can always email me at or call me at (702) 847-8747 | Ext. 2. I'm always happy to help you out in selecting the perfect optic package.

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Tripod length vs your height - How to know what size tripod to buy

Knowing what tripod length to buy can sometimes be tricky. This video goes over how to find what length of tripod you will need for glassing.


Compact tripods vs non-compact tripods - which is better?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to choosing a compact tripod or a non-compact tripod. This video goes over the pros and cons of both.

How to index your tripod

Ever wonder why you can't get a plate to fit on your tripod? Here's how to quickly solve that problem!


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Tripod Tips Part Two

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