What size bipod to use on your hunting rifle

Rifle bipods come in many different shapes and sizes with pros and cons to each, but what you choose, ultimately comes down to a little personal preference and what terrain you are hunting in.

A quick summary of rifle bipods for different hunting situations:

What bipod height is idea for different hunting situations

Lorenzo Sartini shooting off a Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Extreme Bipod in 7-10" length. Photo credit: Brady Miller

6-9" bipods

  • Ideal for shooting in the prone position
  • The most stable bipod height
  • Not great when hunting in taller vegetation
  • Not ideal for shooting steep uphill shots

10-14" bipods

  • The best solution for varying hunting situations
  • You can shoot off your backpack if you need to get lower
  • Can shoot over tall grass/sagebrush
  • Potential to be less stable

12-27" bipods

  • Perfect for shooting while sitting down
  • Able to shoot over tall brush much easier
  • Too tall for shooting while laying down for most people
  • If you need to take a more stable shot, you can just lay the gun on a backpack
  • Not as stable due to the height
  • Better for taking steep uphill shots

Swivel vs. static

  • Able to adjust your bubble level easier on swivel bipods
  • If you are unlevel ground and don't have a swivel, you can just adjust one leg height

As always, let us know if you have any questions on what bipod would work best for you.

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