Crowdfunded hunting gear

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Crowdfunding is a revolutionary idea that is changing the playing field for startup companies everywhere, helping people raise funds and realize ideas in a way that just was not possible several years ago. 

Standing at the forefront of the crowdfunding movement is a company called Kickstarter. Since its launch in 2009, the crowdfunding platform has attracted more than $1 billion of pledges to help people everywhere get their creative endeavors off the ground. 

Many of these ideas, or “projects” as they are called on Kickstarter, have helped breathe new life into the hunting community. Now that anyone with a creative idea can get support from the public, we are seeing a rapid rise in innovative thinking when it comes to hunting.

Many of the ideas are gear innovations that have yet to be realized by mainstream outdoor brands. New tools and gadgets, cutting-edge equipment and supplies, cool apparel and footwear, creative apps and technology — it’s all about projects with potential. 

Here are three cool Kickstarter projects that are creating products well-suited for the hunting community:

The KLAX by Klecker Tools in Silverton, OR

This is essentially a Swiss Army…ax? A multi-tool built into the head of an ax, the KLAX is all about utility, size, and portability. First and foremost, it’s an ax head that is strong enough to chop a log, yet compact enough to fit in your pocket. By implementing a nested clamping system in which the clamps rotate out from the handle for use, the KLAX attaches easily to a handle anytime anywhere. 

When it’s not being utilized as an ax, it includes a number of other very helpful tools including a hammer, a bottle opener, a wrench and a scraper — all of which give the user the options and tools he or she needs in a lightweight and efficient package. Made from a piece of 5/16” steel (or titanium), the KLAX is the perfect blend of quality and creativity — something every hunter can appreciate. Find the KLAX here:

Photo Credit: Klecker Knives

UNO - The Science of Archery by Full Flight Technology in Cambridge, MA

Science is a beautiful thing, especially when it makes our lives easier. With this new smartphone app, your life just got a lot simpler. Often an arduous and time-consuming process, setting up your bowsight is a hurdle every new piece of archery equipment must cross. With the UNO archery app, you can utilize the brilliance of arrow ballistics to get it done in just minutes. 

Sounds difficult? All you have to do is sight-in at one distance, then enter a few details about your bow into the app, and the UNO will give you all the sight marks you need. Then place the smartphone against your bowsight and slide the remaining sight pins to match the locations in the display. It’s that easy. Hopefully this project will still be funded, because as of July 24th the project did not meet thier goal. Find the UNO app here: and for more information visit Full Flight Technology.

UNO archery app
Photo Credit: Kickstarter

Vertex Ultralight Backpacking Stove by Vertex Outdoors in Austin, TX

Backcountry hunters all face the same challenge: weight. Packing as light as possible has become such a science that they’re even doing nutty things like cutting contact lens cases in half to avoid bringing a whole tube a toothpaste. (See all five life hacks for hunters.)

Cooking equipment can add lots of weight to your pack, so we’re glad we found this ultralight stove. It weighs just 1.8 ounces — 22% lighter than the stove that our resident backcountry bowhunter Brady Miller used in his 7-day trip to pursue a Montana mule deer. (See the full gear list for that trip.)

Fortunately, unlike many Kickstarter projects, there’s no mystery around whether or not this will come to fruition. The project was fully funded earlier this year, with 453 backers pledging $21,266 — much more than the $8,000 goal. 

The stove has no moving parts, assembles in seconds, and packs smaller than your trail map, so it can be tucked into even the thinnest pockets in your pack. Brady Miller backed this project and placed an order for this stove. He hopes he will receive it soon and will let us know how it works. Find this amazing stove here: Vertex Outdoors

Photo Credit: Kickstarter


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