Randy Newberg’s Top 10 Christmas gifts for any and every hunter

Randy Newberg 2017 Christmas list for hunters

I’m often asked for gift advice by those buying for hunters. There are many useful items necessary for the type of hunting we do. I thought it would be interesting to provide this list, with items ranging in price and filling a variety of needs, in hopes it would give a good starting point for those shopping for hunters. Merry Christmas!

Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for hunters

1. Leupold VX-5

Leupold VX-5 riflescope
A Leupold VX-5 scope is mounted on my “go to” rifle; my .308 Win. With the CDS system, it is exactly what I need for tough mountain hunts. My rifles have had Leupold scopes for the last 35 years.

2. Mystery Ranch Metcalf

Mystery Ranch Metcalf hunting backpack
The Mystery Ranch Metcalf backpack is the one I use, our crew uses, and it has been our pack of choice since Mystery Ranch developed it for the backcountry hunter. It serves as a remarkable daypack when collapsed and when you have success, it employs to a load carrier that can handle way more than I can.

3. Caribou Gear Game bags

Caribou Gear Game Bags meat on bone wapiti game bag
We hunt for food. We take that seriously. Our game deserves the best treatment in the field and Caribou Gear Game Bags ensure just that. Durable synthetic provides great durability and rapid moisture transfer while keeping your meat cool and clean.

4. Elk call

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls bugle tube for elk
If you want to use the Bugle tubes that have won more World Elk Calling Championships than any, the Bully Bugle from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls is it. Designed by champions and proven in the mountains by some of the West's best elk hunters.

5. Hydration bladder

Platypus hydration bladder
I have a strange liver condition. Hydration is paramount for me. I’ve tried all bladders. The only one that is still working and works in all conditions is this Platypus Big Zip.

6. Hiking socks

Kenetrek Canada merino wool sock
Your feet are the most important tools for the backcountry hunter. Socks are the first layer of foot care. I’ve tried all sorts, brands, and types of socks. The best I have found and the sock I use is this Kenetrek Canada mid-weight sock.

7. Quiver

Tight spot archery quiver

I look for a quiver that is quiet and capable of withstanding the abuse our mountain hunting places on gear. The TightSpot quiver is as quiet as it is strong. And, adjustable to any torque-reducing position.

8. Bow sight

Montana Black Gold archery sight
Black Gold sights are all that has ever been on my bows. Made by serious archers who know the abuse elk hunting can impose on a bow sight. If only I was as capable as my Black Gold Ascent.

9. Garmin Inreach Explorer

Garmin InReach Explorer satellite communicator
I bought an InReach this year. Thankfully, I never had to use it for emergencies. But, having it available provides great comfort to me, my crew, and my family. I should have bought one sooner.


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