Nevada Dream Tags — A True Conservation Story

Across the west, conservation is key to maintaining healthy herds of wildlife and preserving what we love most as hunters. When Nevada Dream Tags reached out to us to partner up with them, we were more than happy to team up with them. Check out the video above to learn more! 

As many of you may know, goHUNT is based out of Nevada and a lot of the goHUNT staff are orginally from Nevada, so conservation of Nevada wildlife hits home for us. It is something we constantly think about. Not only does Nevada Dream Tags give you an opportunity to win a hunt of a lifetime, but most importantly it gives you a chance to give back to the land and the animals you love to hunt. With every $5 raffle that is bought, there is an opportunity to get a 3:1 grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This essentially triples all the funds received. Go buy your Nevada Dream Tags today! Make a difference for generations to come and maybe win that once and a lifetime hunt.

More details about the Nevada Dream Tags

  • 6 tags given out on six different species
  • $10 enhancement stamp is needed in order to win a tag
  • $5 per raffle ticket
  • June 30 last day to buy tickets
  • July 2 winners are drawn

Learn more about Nevada Dream Tags here


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