GOHUNT Maps is now available for Android!

We have never been satisfied with what is out there for Western hunters. That’s why we continue to take risks, push the limits, and constantly add value. For months, our hunters and technologists have been hard at work behind the scenes to give GOHUNT Maps the right foundation.

Today (June 30), Explorers now have early access to GOHUNT Maps for Android!

GOHUNT Maps is included in your Explorer membership at no extra cost.

Android users can download GOHUNT Maps right now in the Google Play store here. Download GOHUNT Mobile Maps, go offline, and take all your data in the field!

Plus, good news for iPhone users

We added new features to GOHUNT Maps for iPhone alongside the Android release!

New on iPhone and Android: 

* Drag-and-Drop Layer Ordering
* Navigate to Your Waypoints
* Edit Your Waypoint Locations   

If you’re an iPhone user, remember you can download GOHUNT Maps here.

We are constantly improving the app. Let us know about what you enjoy or want us to improve at feedback@GOHUNT.com. Your feedback will help improve it even faster.

Thank you for being an Explorer.

Android users can download GOHUNT Maps here

iPhone Users can download GOHUNT Maps here

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