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Jordan Hall
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New Mexico has some of the best hunting that the southwest has to offer. Whether you prefer chasing giant bulls on the Gila National Forest or the world class mulies of Rio Arriba County, New Mexico has it all! World Class antelope, elk, mule deer, ibex, sheep, coues deer and oryx also inhabit this hunting sweet spot.

Our guides take pride in spending the time and going to great lengths to find the best animals in each unit that holds these special animals. Our commitment to our clients is second to none when it comes to scouting and providing the best opportunity to you as a hunter.

Unlike Arizona, New Mexico has no bonus point system. This state is set up as follows, 84% of draw licenses are awarded to NM residents,10% of draw licenses residents and non-residents applying with a New Mexico registered outfitter, and 6% of the draw licenses go to non-residents applying without a registered outfitter. Give us a call or email us for more information on how we can apply you with our outfitter number to increase your odds in drawing a great tag!

A3 Trophy Hunts also has access to New Mexico landowner tags. These tags are either ranch-only hunts or unit-wide hunts for either archery, muzzleloader, or rifle elk. Price is dependent upon unit and weapon. Landowner tags offer a great way to ensure that you will have an upcoming elk hunt if you are not lucky enough to draw in any of the other states.

Our camps consist of a comfortable bunkhouse, wall tents, or hotels, depending on the unit or area that we are hunting. All of our guiding is one on one, unless otherwise requested.

If you are looking for an honest, hardworking outfitter that has a track record second to none, please contact us so we can put together a dream hunt for you.

Available Hunts


New Mexico has world-class rocky and desert bighorn sheep.  These hunts vary on dates from early August to march depending on the hunt area and species.  I have a great deal of experience when it comes to sheep hunts and knows what it takes to harvest big mature rams.  All of our hunts are conducted with two guides per hunter, with additional spotters available at a daily rate.  We may utilize horseback, ATV, UTV, and good old fashion leg work, depending on the hunt area.  All of our sheep hunts are sold as a seven-day hunt for the price of $6500.00, with additional days available if needed.  Call us today and we can discuss unit recommendations and hunt choices to best fit your personal goals!


New Mexico is a great place to harvest a Barbary sheep (Aoudad).  These hunts are very challenging and embody all the aspects of any sheep hunt.  These hunts are conducted out of a wall tent camp in a remote part of the state.  These are physically and mentally demanding hunts.  However, with that being said, we have been incredibly successful at harvesting mature 25-30inch rams, with several being a few inches larger.  This is one of my favorite hunts that the state has to offer and an experience any mountain hunter should enjoy.  These hunts occur in the month of February and are sold as seven-day hunts for the price of $4500.00 for 1x1 and $3750.00 for 2x1.   Call us today to get more information about these great hunts!


The Ibex in southern NM is one of the state's true gems.  The Florida mountains these animals habit is one of the most ruggedly beautiful places on earth.  These hunts are offered as rifle, bow and muzzleloader hunts, with a youth hunt also available.  The rifle and muzzleloader hunts are high success rate hunts and a great opportunity to harvest one of these animals.  The bow hunt is bar-none one of the more challenging archery hunts in North America.  If you are applying for archery be prepared to be physically and mentally pushed, but it's an incredible experience.  I have personally been successful on the archery hunt and can attest to the satisfaction of being able to harvest one of these animals with a bow.  These hunts are sold as 7-day hunts with two guides per hunter at a rate of $5500.00.  Please call today if this is a hunt that interests you!


Archery elk hunts take place in the month of September. The first season is from Sept. 1-14, the second being Sept. 15-24.  We offer our hunts as 7 days hunts with the option to extend for additional days.  These hunts usually consist of calling as the rut begins, spot and stalk, and utilizing travel routes and water sources to target animals.  These hunts are offered at a price of $5250.00 for 1x1, and $4750.00 for 2x1.  Call today if you would like further information!


It is no secret NM has some phenomenal elk hunting, and having the opportunity to hunt them with a rifle in many of these units is an excellent chance at harvesting a mature animal.  These hunts are conducted in the month of October, with some later season hunts also available.  These hunts are five-day hunts and are offered at $5000.00 for 1x1 and $4500.00 for 2x1. There are also many wonderful youth opportunities available in NM.  Call today for more information and ask about our youth discount!


NM has some of the best Muzzleloader hunting in the west!  These hunts take place in October with a late season hunt available in November.  These are some wonderful hunts with some rut activity.  Hunts are conducted as five-day hunts for the price of $5000.00 for a 1x1 and $4500.00 for a 2x1.  Give us a call today to learn more about these hunts!


New Mexico is known for some excellent Mule deer hunting.  We offer hunts for all weapon types in various units depending on each hunters goals and desires.  Rifle and Muzzleloader hunts are conducted in the months of October and November as five-day hunts for a price of $4500.00 for 1x1 and $3750.00 for 2x1.  Archery hunts are conducted in January as seven-day hunts for the same price as above mentioned for rifle hunts.


Coues deer hunting is not for the easily discouraged or faint of heart.  Chasing the grey ghost in the desert is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding hunts that we offer.  These animals will frustrate and discourage the best of us, yet the experience, and satisfaction when you are rewarded is something that any passionate hunter can appreciate.  Coues deer muzzleloader hunts are offered in late October, Rifle hunts are done in late November and early December, and Archery is done in January.  Rifle hunts may either be 5 or 7-day hunts depending on the hunts drawn, and archery is conducted as 7-day hunts.  All Coues deer hunts are $4500.00 for 1x1 and $3750.00 for 2x1.


Hunting Oryx in NM is a great experience for every hunter.  These hunts occur on white sands missile range through several months of the year.  They are offered as three-day hunts for the price of $2500.00.  If this sounds like a hunt that interests you call today and we would be happy to get you any further information you need to go on one of these unique hunts.


New Mexico has some of the best antelope hunting in the west, and here at JH Outfitting, we are familiar with these animals in every part of the state.  We offer hunts for rifle, muzzleloader, and archery.  We also have private land hunts available as well.  our antelope hunts for muzzleloader and rifle are offered as 3-day hunts for the price of $2250.00 for 1x1 and $1750.00 for 2x1.  The archery hunts are conducted as five-day hunts for a price of $2750.00 for 1x1 and $2250.00 for 2x1.  As mentioned private land hunts are also available with prices varying depending on the ranch in which we conduct the hunt.  Call us today for more information,  this is a great hunt for a group of friends, parents and kids, and anyone else who loves to chase these beautiful animals.