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Ty Callicotte
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We are a small, family run outfitting business that offers quality hunts on private and public land.  The habitat, terrain, and beauty of our properties is second to none, and provides for the high numbers of game we have.  With us you will see lots of game in the hunt for the trophy you aim to harvest.  We use only the highest quality equipment and optics.  You will always feel welcome and leave knowing that your guide did everything possible to ensure your safety and success.  Our guided hunts provide your guide, accommodations, food, transportation, and game care.  Depending on your type of hunt, our accommodations range from a fully outfitted cabin, to wall tent camps, and more remote spike camps.  Our hunts run a very high success rate, and we book early with mostly repeat clients.

 Each year we harvest a very conservative number of bucks and the quality continues to improve.  We are seeing and harvesting multiple bucks over 180" B&C annually.  Our terrain is moderate with plenty of feed and topography to keep the bucks happy.  The primary method of hunting is glassing from our prescouted glassing points and picking over bucks until we find one we want to go after.  

We offer archery, rifle, and muzzleloader hunts.  Archery is over the counter and firearm seasons are a draw.  Guaranteed Landowner tags and Outfitter tags are available.We have high success and opportunity rates on killing mature bulls.  Rocky Mountain Elk are well known to grow large in our hunting area.  300+” bulls are harvested on a regular basis.  We have good numbers of elk that live on our ranches year round and the elk rut brings the bulls around to chase cows all the way through our first bull season.  

Guaranteed Landowner and Outfitter tags are available.

Available Hunts

Antelope Hunts
Warner #1 474A 
Warner #2 474B
West Beatys 470B
E. Interstae 475A
Hart Mountain 470C
$3250 1x1 or $2500 2x1 for 5 Days

Sheep Hunts
Warner #574
Hart Mountain Refuge #570A
S. Central 1 #575A1
S. Central 2 #575A2
$6000 for 1x1 for 7 days