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Big Horn Mountain Wildlife Partners

Licensed in:
Wyoming : BG320


David Flitner
Phone:(307) 765-2961

Big Horn Mountain Wildlife Partner’s (BHMWP) owners have over one hundred years of resource management experience. In the past 12 years, major investments have been made to increase wildlife numbers and herd security on private land owned or controlled by The Partnership. We envision limited hunting as an essential management tool required to assure wildlife quality and vigor. The success of our long-range management plan is incredible, and there is no group that is more concerned about the preservation of wildlife than the big game hunter. These individuals understand the necessity of preserving our wildlife resources and comprehend the balance between nature and man. They are true conservationists! They are supportive of both long term habitat and wildlife population management.

The Partnership’s wildlife management area operates within a 20,000+ acre high mountain setting. Within these boundaries of intermingled private and public land, a large portion of this Big Horn Mountain acreage is dedicated to big game protection and habitat improvement. The area is managed by a strict policy that assures minimal wildlife disturbance within the preserve. It is due to this feeling of security that the herds move from the high mountain summer pastures, to the management area on an annual basis. The elk come every fall, naturally, with no encouragement or fenced-in conditions. Often, elk herds in excess of 700 animals migrate to and remain on the property without concern for wolves, bear, human interference or unrestricted hunting.

3208 Beaver Creek Rd.
Greybull, WY 82426