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Diamond Outfitters

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Dan Adler
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Diamond Outfitters is Arizona's largest & most respected full-time, full service outfitters. We are a Veteran owned & family run business hunting and guiding on over 13,000,000 acres of private and public land. Our owner is a Veteran US Air Force Officer who also co-hosts The Best of the West TV, one of the most watched outdoor television programs of all time. In addition he is a trusted and featured speaker on elk hunting, Coues deer hunting and mule deer hunting at nearly all the National hunting conventions each and every year. The Diamond Outfitters team consists of over 30 licensed guides that live equally distributed throughout Arizona. Diamond Outfitters does not sub-contract guides, we are one unified team. Diamond Outfitters specializes in trophy hunts for bull elk, Coues whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, mountain lion, black bear, big horn sheep, antelope and javelina. We welcome all hunters, regardless of experience. Please contact us for more information and to speak to our constantly growing list of satisfied hunters.

Available Hunts

Bull Elk (Arizona Archery-September)

This is one of the premier elk hunts in the world. Typically we stalk and/or call bugling bulls all day long. On occasion, we will sit water or wallows in the evening as appropriate. If the rut is in full gear, it is not uncommon to stalk bulls all day. This is one of our companies premier hunts and we are very well known for the archery season. We are hunting trophy bulls on over 11 million acres of public and private land targeting 350' and above bulls. Hunts can be booked as 7, 10 or 14 days. Opportunity rates on trophy 6x6 and bigger bulls exceed 95%. 

Bull Elk (Arizona Early Rifle or Early Muzzleloader-Sept/Oct)

Arguably, this hunt is the singularly most desired firearm elk hunt on the planet. Every year we take a limited number of hunters to maximize trophy potential. These hunts are offered as 7 day hunts. With your consent we may film your hunt for The Best of the West TV show. We are targeting bulls from 375' and up on over 11 million acres of public and private land. Harvest rates on this hunt are typically 100% year after year for trophy 6x6 and bigger bulls. 

Bull Elk (Arizona Late Rifle or Late Archery)

The late rifle and late archery hunts typically take place in November and early December. These hunts are much easier to draw than the early hunts. This hunt should not be overlooked however as we have taken many B and C bulls on these late hunts. Rifle hunts are booked for 7 days. Archers can book 7, 10 or 14 days. We are targeting bulls from 330' and up (although many book bulls are harvested on this hunt) on over 11 million acres of private and public land. Opportunity rates are typically 100% on these hunts.

Bull Elk (New Mexico Private Land)

We have several landowner tags in units 10 and 12 on private ground for New Mexico elk. Contact us to see what hunts are available. 

Cow Elk (Arizona Statewide Rifle or Archery)

Cow elk hunts are a lot of fun and a great way to fill the freezer. Cow tags are fairly easy to come by. Archery hunts take place during the rut and are very exciting and fast paced. Rifle hunts take place in October or December when the elk are in large herds on winter range. Opportunity and harvest rates are 100% historically. A great hunt for all experience levels.

Additional Information

Please contact us for pricing inquires.

Mule Deer-Arizona Strip and The Kaibab (Units 13A, 13B, 12AE, 12AW, 12B Rifle)

If you draw this tag you are truly blessed. You  have one of the premier mule deer tags in the world. This hunt is scheduled during the peak of the rut. This hunt can be booked as 7 or 10 days. With your consent, your hunt may be filmed for the Best of the West TV show. Deer densities vary from year to year in each unit based on weather and the migration. At the end of the day, no other public land hunt in the U.S. offers a better chance at a 200 inch buck. Please contact us right away upon drawing any of these units.

Mule Deer (Units 13A, 13B Archery)

This hunt takes place in late August into September. You will be hunting older age class bucks in velvet. This hunt is a great hunt for the discriminate mule deer hunter as B and C and larger bucks are considered the “norm”. This hunt is primarily done over water with a fair amount of spot and stalk as well. We limit the number of hunters we take on this hunt. Opportunity rates on these hunts are over 90%. 

Mule Deer (Statewide Except Units 13A, 13B, 12AE, 12AW, 12B)

Arizona has both Rocky Mountain and Sonoran mule deer subspecies. The northern half of the state is mostly “rockies” and generally speaking south of Maricopa County is Sonoran mule deer country. Many of these hunts have good draw odds when compared to the Arizona Strip or Kaibab and quality older age class deer are available with many "sleeper" units built in for higher quality bucks. These hunts take place in October or November and some December tags are now available.  Opportunity rates on these hunts are typically 100%.

Mule Deer (New Mexico Private Land)

We have several landowner tags in a variety of units on private ground for trophy New Mexico mule deer. Contact us to see what hunts are available. Generally these hunts are sold out 6-12 months in advance.

Additional Information

Please contact us for pricing inquires.

Antelope (Arizona)

We are very respected for our antelope hunts here at Diamond Outfitters. Last year we took a 92+ inch antelope and we are currently tracking 4 other antelope over 90 inches. Our companies historical antelope score is over 82 inches, which is incredible and humbling. Harvest rates on trophy bucks are 100% at Diamond Outfitters for rifle hunters and archery hunters will have multiple stalks and high opportunity and harvest rates as well. We are hunting both public and private land. Rifle hunts typically take place in the rut and pre-rut activity during archery season makes for a great "decoy" hunt. Please be sure to click on the TV/Video link at watch our antelope episode.

Additional Information

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Coues Deer (Statewide)

We are extremely passionate about hunting Coues deer and we are regarded by our many of our clients and peers as the premier Coues deer outfitter in the world. Be sure to watch the Coues deer episode under the TV/Video link. As far as we can tell, no other outfitter guides more Coues deer hunters in Arizona. A Coues deer (properly pronounced cows, after Elliot Coues) hunt is often regarded as the “poor man’s sheep hunt” and is truly one of the most unique hunts on the planet.  Rifle hunts take place in October, November and December. Archery hunts take place in Aug-Sept and Dec-Jan. Hunts can be booked for 5 or 7 days for both 1:1 on 2:1 hunters. Opportunity rates are always 100% with harvest rates over 90% on this hunt.

Additional Information

Please contact us for pricing inquires.